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YSC Summit in action! Fundraise to attend the Summit
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Welcome to Mary’s Page

Mary Wilcox

I've made an important commitment to attend the YSC Summit this March 2019 in Austin, TX. Young Survival Coalition is the premier organization providing support and resources for young women facing breast cancer.

The YSC National Summit is a three-day conference that will feature inspirational speakers, workshops addressing the unique issues that young women with breast cancer face, and special wellness activities.

The money I raise will provide me with conference travel reimbursements like my transportation, hotel expenses, and registration fee so I can attend this amazing three-day event. The funds I raise will also support the YSC Summit by helping to keep registration fees low, and enabling YSC to provide the best speakers and special events.

Attending this conference will give me the opportunity to connect with a community of other young survivors and co-survivors from across the country. It will also provide me with the most up-to-date, evidence-based information and tools about breast cancer. With your help, YSC can continue its crucial programming for young women affected by breast cancer and I can continue to receive the support that I need.

The Tuesday after this conference will be my last day of radiation treatment!! What a truly amazing gift it would be to be able to celebrate the ending of my treatment with 600 other woman who are breast cancer survivors!! I vowed to myself to not let cancer be bigger than me, but to be bigger than the cancer, do big things with my cancer journey and to not only surrivive but thrive!! Any amount you can give will help me get to the Summit this coming March!

Thank you, in advance, for your support. I truly appreciate your generosity.



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