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YSC invites you to start a team of two or more people to fundraise together! Sign up with your friends, family, and support groups to join forces in fundraising to attend the YSC annual Summit.

On a team you can raise funds that will be shared by all team members, as well as your own personal fundraising. When someone makes an online donation they will need to choose which team member they are donating to, and will need to donate to each team member separately if they wish to give to the whole team. For check donations, our offline donation form asks if the funds are to be split among all team members or designated to specific members.

If a team raises the maximum reimbursement level for the team ($1,500 per team member) then ALL team members will earn the maximum reimbursement of $1,000 per member, no matter which team members raised the money. If the team does not reach the maximum level of $1,500/member, we will reimburse each member according to which funds were designated for the team and for individuals.

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